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What is re-selling software?

Info reselling softwareOften we get the question why our software is so cheap. Knowing that Windows Operating Systems original cost about 100 EUR - 200 EUR, it seems indeed to-Good-To-Be-True ... That's why we try to explain as best as possible, our prices on this info page.

Since 2014, the sales of Windows 7 was put to a stop. Many customers were desperate to get more copies of this operating system. Especially business customers do not like to upgrade to Windows 8 and Windows 10. This was also truefor our clients of the Department : PC building. Our custom PC's for example, need Windows 7 Ultimate to run certain applications.

Thanks to an earlier judgment on July 3, 2012,which authorized the re- sale of software. This means that for example system builders, who have switched to newer software packages, may sell their old software in stock.

Thanks to our wholesaler, we can now buy and sell cheaper Windows and Office resell licenses. Read below how this is legislated.


Regularization software sales

Since 2012, the resale of software including licenses is authorized. Which is decided by the European Court of Justice, following a dispute between Oracle and UsedSoft gmbh. This makes the resale legal of both physical software on any medium, as downloads. In the case of resale of software via digital medium, the seller must clear the downloads from its own system.

After selling the software the supplier loses its "exclusive right" to distribute the software, so that each buyer has the right to sell it themselves again. In addition, the new buyer needs to buy an apropriate software license.

The ruling covers both physical software products and software distributed via a download. In addition, the original owner must relinquish the software; in the case of downloads means that the software download from the PC to the seller should be removed.


Source - judgment European Court Of Justice

The judgment of the European Court of Justice can be found on this page: JUDGMENT OF THE COURT - 3 JULI 2012