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Spin-Off Game Development

Posted By: Wouter Himschoot In: Nieuws On: Friday, January 19, 2018 Comment: 0 Hit: 1869

Beginners welcome ~ spin-off ~ possibilty to commercialize the project ~ We do it for the fun

Spin-Off Game Development

We are looking for a couple of persons who want to join in a spin-off in creating a tablet game. Do you love or have a very big interest in coding? Want to see an immediate result of your programming skills? Then developing a game is probably the best thing !

No experience needed!

No... you don't need to have any experience to make a game. The only requirements are :

  • Huge interest to learn the free Unity software package (about 20hours online)
  • Patience, to set-up the basics first and get results later.
  • Have feeling for programming, any language fits... ( PHP, Java, C+, Visual basic, Python,...)
  • Brainstorm for any ideas and just create it.

We are not looking to hire people!

Just to make things clear, we are not hiring people. This is a spin-off. Meaning that we start from nearly my current concept (see picture above). This is just a basic concept : An Adventure game working on Android and iOS mobile device.

Currently the concept is a wizard on a quest. Attacking enemies, making the adventure more difficult with puzzles to solve and open new routes. Once in a while a boss to kill. Buy new gear and get better skills.

Please join freely, tell your ideas and get started.

When a game concept is defined and you'd like to get a real project started, a deal can be made to commercialize the game for both Android and iOS.

Want to join? Please contact me, with the online contact form (see contact page).



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