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Prestashop Developer / Experts for hire

Are you looking for a Prestashop developer?

Need someone to build a custom Prestashop Module?

As Prestashop developer or webshop builder, we have improved our own online shop a lot : This shop is our most effective and important reference. In the beginning we used the default bootstrap theme, just to get the sales quickly. That theme had many bugs and was really bad looking. Anyhow, it gave us nice sales numbers together with a tight Google Ad campaign. About 1.5 year ago, we upgraded the looks to a high end looking theme. Since that upgrade, we received many good reviews and the sales grew to a solid monthly base.

Due to the steady growth we have developed some custom modules for our webshop. It is now fully automated, we spend our time on customer service and purchase goods for stock. On this page we tell something about ourselves.

PPrestashop developer for hire!

Prestashop Developer Experts For HireIf you are looking for a developer for your custom Prestashop Add-on / Module creation, please contact us! We have experience with creating company websites and e-commerce platforms. Our expertise is mainly WordPress ( Woocommerce ) and Prestashop. We create mainly small applications for Prestashop platforms. In case you are interested in our services, you can give us the project details and we send you a price quotation.

WWhat do we make?

We can create small Prestashop Add-Ons for you. Our concept? 2 ways of price-quality delivery:

  • Straight to the goal concept – Cheapest formula. (mostly 1 page script)
  • Code Conventional programming – High end formula ( Prestashop Conventional Coding, use of Module Tabs , Controllers , Module Views )µ

We offer these custom modules at 2 different prices because writing a custom Prestashop module can become costly when there is weeks of work. Most small programs can be written in a straight forward way, which can sometimes be written in 1 or 2 days. This leaves more options for our customer to reach the budget.

PPrestashop Developer Projects!

Below are some of our latest projects for Prestashop. We are getting requests for custom Modules because the number of modules available at Prestashop Add-ons are somewhate limited or very poor support. Here are examples of what we have made recently.

Prestashop Product Translator Translate products from certain categories, within selected language by using the Free Microsoft Translator API.
Prestashop Moves We have done a dozen system moves for customers. From simple hosts to virtual private servers.
Prestashop Orders to CSV export This was a very simple custom Prestashop Module. Click the type of orders you want to export, select the date and export to csv. This module was made for European accountancy procedures.
Prestashop Send Product Keys Our latest module is the biggest so far. Our module is processing payments of customers, when paid send a product key together with the correct template to the customer. No action is needed anymore from the shop owner. Fully automated process.

SScreenshots of our Custom Modules

Click on the images to see a large view. Do you like what you see? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the following contact form for your question : Contact Form Online.

Prestashop Custom Module – Order CSV Export Tool

prestashop developer csv-export-tool

Prestashop Custom Module – Order CSV Export Tool

prestashop developer translator

Prestashop Migrate to a new VPS server

prestashop developer prestahop migrate

Prestashop Product Key Manager

prestashop developer product-key-manager

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custom IT
powered by Google
14:41 05 Nov 18
Zeer snelle en correcte samenwerking omtrent een complexe materie om onze website te beveiligen met SSL certificaten. Duidelijke uitleg met een sterke kennis van zaken. Zeker een aanbeveling voor bedrijfswebsites.
Ward Devos
Ward Devos
18:12 01 Nov 18
Met wouter kan goed worden samengewerkt, hij heeft enorm veel geduld getoond tijdens ons project. Dat word geapprecieerd aangezien ik daar zelf om vroeg omwille van persoonlijke issues en mijn andere projecten. Ik kijk uit naar eventuele samenwerking in de toekomst.
Peter Hanse
Peter Hanse
09:38 19 Oct 18
Zeer tevreden over Custom IT, sinds enkele jaren onze leverancier voor PC’s. Altijd correcte en snelle service. PC’s op maat, zowel performance als budget, met kennis van zake en passie. Een echte aanrader!
16:46 17 Oct 18
Echt bij toeval nam ik contact op met It Customs ivm windows 7 ; onthaal was echt prima : vriendelijk en gedienstig. Elke vraag werd met evenveel kennis beantwoord. De aankopen (Windows 7 en Windows 10) die ik deed werden perfect afgehandeld, zowel qua levering als qua veilige betaling. It Customs is echt een aanrader ! De service is echt uitstekend. Eens klant bij It Customs blijf je klant, want zo'n service is ver te zoeken. Dikke proficiat aan It Customs. Een zeer tevreden klant.
Heni Nugraheni
Heni Nugraheni
16:17 07 Aug 18
I bought a new pc at customit. They offered a nice computer, exactly what i wished for and its was also right on budget. Just letting know im happy with the service!
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